How do I enter the recipient shipping address?
If it's a company or a college write the company name, also make sure you leave the recipients address so we can call them to schedule delivery if necessary.

When is my delivery made?
Delivery is made 1-2 business days after your order. Once your payment clears, Zished will call you to schedule delivery. 

What time will my items be delivered?
We currently have two delivery time slots an AM timeslot and a PM timeslot.

Is There a delivery fee?
Yes. There is a flat delivery rate of $12.50 regardless of size or weight of item.

Where do you deliver?
Currently we deliver in Accra & Tema. 

How do you find the addresses?
This is where you come in; 
1. We either take the phone number of the recipient to arrange delivery with them that way we get clear and concise directions as to where they want their items delivered.
2. If it's a birthday gift, you could give us someone in Accra to help us arrange delivery or you can help us yourself.

What happens if you can't find the place?
In the rare case where Zished is unable to locate your recipient's location, we will go ahead and arrange an alternate delivery point. If that also proves futile we will be happy to refund your purchase amount to you minus delivery charges.